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Davina Darr - Card Room Crawls und andere Abenteuer...


This summary will be split in many smaller parts. This is part 1 (there will probably be around 10 in the end…) :)


this was supposed to be an attempt. An attempt to live for 28 days from poker alone. This undertaking was not supposed to convince me to become a poker pro. It was to find out if in theory I could be able to.

If you haven’t seen the awesome trailer I had made for this you can check it out here on my YouTube channel.

I took one month unpaid leave from work and flew out to Las Vegas. I had thought about Atlantic City or even London for this adventure. London though would have been too expensive and AC – as much as I like it – simply doesn’t have the variety of games that Vegas has.

Just one month before I had come back from Nevada’s desert to my little home island, the Isle of Man. The 2 weeks in July (as every year) have been my summer holiday during the WSOP and after some special Cash Game coaching I had done quite alright.

Now I found an opportunity in between two jobs to take some time out and instead of waiting in the office and spend my time with little special tasks while I waited, I decided to dare an adventure that I might never be able to try again.

The plane to Vegas took off on 30th July!

Normally I would go chronologically through my experiences (as I have done in my previous Card Room Crawls on IntelliPoker), but in this case I will go (or “crawl”) from poker room to poker room and summarize all that I have experienced in each one.

Courtesy of my iPhone app PokerJournal I could keep track of almost all the poker I have played.

Let’s start Downtown as well…that’s where it all began anyway:

Binion‘s Gambling Hall & Hotel

Every poker player’s heart should leap when hearing the name Binion. Benny Binion was the one who once started to host the World Series of Poker in this establishment.

Many years ago today’s “Longhorn Room” was enough to cater for the WSOP. Today it’s unthinkable to have a mega event like that in here.

Instead this room is used for conferences and dinner parties. And so it was on 4th August when I was here participating in BARGE (Big Annual Rec. Gambling Excursion), an annual event where for 22 years poker and gambling fans meet up for fun games, socializing, networking, food and drinks. Part of it is the banquet, and I was part of it here in the Longhorn Room. We had good food, drinks and a couple of interesting speakers. The main speaker tonight was poker pro Karina Jett. She told us about her incredible life and I was well impressed!

Earlier this day the BARGE Main Event took place. The only No Limit Hold’em event with $100 Buy-In. There are a couple of things that are different when you play at BARGE, there are a lot of little rules to pay attention to. As this was my first BARGE I learned about most of these rules only shortly before. One of them was to tip the dealer $1 for every pot you won in the tournament (usually you only do this in cash games). Another thing was to have a bust-out (bounty) prize that you give the person that knocks you out of the tournament. So I quickly made sure I had enough $1 chips on me and also ran across Fremont Street to a souvenir shop to buy a Vegas-themed snow globe in shape of a pyramid and lollipops in dollar wrappers.

Unfortunately I had to hand over this prize quite soon, when my flopped two pair ran into a flopped set. I left the unromantic tournament room and went to the cash game area.

Things went better here. Although the Binion’s poker room is in a different location as it was back in the old days, it still has a very special feel to it to play in this historic place. The walls are decorated with big framed black and white photos of the likes of Benny Binion, Amarillo Slim, Puggy Pearson and Doyle Brunson.

Here is the result of my hours at Binion’s:

  • Poker Room Quality (0-10): 5 – there is no free WiFi, only 7 tables in the cash game area, therefore many more in the tournament area. There are some more tables in the so called “fish tank” – an additional room next to the tournament area. The cash game room has a high ceiling but it all feels a little dark with the dark browns and beiges and the colourless photos. The dealers are ok, so are tables and chairs. Everything is mediocre.
  • Comps: $2/hour (this is awesome and you can use those comps easily at any of the Binon’s restautaurants and Cafés. As the tables are not equipped with a computer you have to remember though to check out at the desk when you leave)
  • Promos: usual High Hand Bonusses (progressive but small)
  • Player’s Card: Binion’s
  • Hours Cash Game: 6.53 in 6 sessions (2 winning, 4 losing)
  • Cash Game Profit: $302
  • Hours Tournament: 1.45
  • Tournament Profit: -$100
  • Total Profit: $202

I will work my way down South now and from card room to card room.

The next article will feature the Stratosphere Tower…



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