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Davina Darr - Card Room Crawls und andere Abenteuer...

This is part 10 of the summary.

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The Bellagio is still very impressive. The big lake in front of the curved building with its famous fountains, the huge glass sculpture ceiling in the hotel lobby, the richness in detail wherever you look…

Sorry…just a crappy screenshot from my videos…

I had asked myself before my session here why it was that I didn’t like this place though. When I arrived at the poker room and interacted with the staff I realized what it was. The people working here are almost exclusively arrogant and unfriendly. This starts with the floor people, continues with the dealers and ends with the waitresses.

When I sat down at 8:00 in the morning not only were there players left from the night before but also all kinds of garbage under the table…racks, water bottles, napkins…I could hardly put my feet down on the floor. When I called and asked for them to clean it up I was treated with a look of incomprehension. They did eventually get someone to tidy it up but I still felt those looks.

Really? I’m the customer and I think I can ask for an environment without used napkins and empty bottles snuggling up against my feet.

The tables are quite small but there was a lot of room between the tables, which was pleasant (I think during WSOP times there is not so much space available as it’s more busy). I really liked the chips. I would say they are the ones of best quality in Vegas. Even more surprising that I forgot to bring one as a souvenir…

I played a while without success and decided to enjoy the $17 breakfast buffet (unbeatable price imo).

Here is the result of my hours at the  Bellagio:

  • Poker Room Quality (0-10): 7 – separated from the rest of the casino it feels quite pleasant to sit in this poker room. The colours are bright and friendly. No free WiFi.
  • Comps: $1/hour
  • Promos: none
  • Player’s Card: MLife
  • Hours Cash Game:  2:00
  • Profit Cash Game: -$40
  • Hours Tournament: 0
  • Profit Tournament: $0
  • Total Profit: -$40

After a little longer walk you get back to the Strip and directly opposite is the entrance to Planet Hollywood.


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