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Davina Darr - Card Room Crawls und andere Abenteuer...

This is part 13 of the summary.

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MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

The MGM poker room was once one of my favorites in the past. Right opposite of the Lion Habitat, tourists could choose between watching those big wild cats on the one side or us sharks and fish on the other. It was also just cool to sit at your poker table while watching real lions being fed. ...only in Vegas!

Now everything is under construction. I assume things will be back as they were but for now there is no Lion Habitat and the poker room feels like a storage facility with dozens of unplugged slot machines standing around. At least it's close to the Emergency Exit doors...

I didn't play much here so there is not much to report really. When I was here in July I made quads twice in one session and was disappointed to find out that there are no high hand bonuses. This room would need a promotion like this as it's not very inviting in it's dark corner with bad phone reception and no WiFi.

Unfortunately I have missed the celebrity tournament which happens once in a while with actor and comedian Brad Garrett (widely known through "Everybody loves Raymond").

During August I only gave this poker room two short chances, but I just didn't feel comfortable here.

Here's the result of my hour at the MGM:

  • Poker Room Quality (0-10): 5 – no, WiFi, bad mobile reception, lack of atmosphere and somehow bored staff.
  • Comps: $1/hour
  • Promos: none
  • Player’s Card: MLife
  • Hours Cash Game:  0:59 (1 winning session, 1 losing session)
  • Profit Cash Game: -$12
  • Hours Tournament: 0
  • Profit Tournament: $0
  • Total Profit: -$12

Before we continue on our trip down the Strip we will take a little detour to the Orleans. I would love to also take a detour to the Hard Rock Hotel, but the awesome poker room that I liked so much, is gone...moved to a different place and not being awesome anymore at all. I was standing in front of it, looked around, sighed and left.

So, yeah..Orleans next...


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