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Davina Darr - Card Room Crawls und andere Abenteuer...

This is part 14 of the summary.

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Excalibur Hotel & Casino

This was my home for the first week of my stay. And on the one hand (I have mainly played here and at Luxor) I should have stayed here the whole trip and on the other (resort fee and remoteness from everything else) I shouldn’t have…

The Excalibur is connected with the Luxor by a tunnel with automatic walkways which makes jumping from one room to the other quite easy.

View from my room

The poker room is at one of the 4 ends of the Excalibur cross… every time I entered the casino from one of the 4 sides I got completely lost and didn’t know where I was. No idea how then manage this…but it can’t be that difficult, can it? (Maybe I got so confused because of the constant presence of the Thunder From Down Under boys :wink: " class="wp-smiley" src="" /> ).

Yes, I went to see the show! It was so much fun. Will definitely do it again. :wink: " class="wp-smiley" src="" />

The specialty of the Excalibur poker room is “the wheel”. For High Hands and Aces Cracked you can go and spin the wheel for a special prize between $20 and $100. There are Triples and Doubles and +Spins etc which gives you the chance to increase your bonus. This was quite rare though. The wheel excited a lot of people. I’ve never seen a woman clapping her hands in joy when loosing aces just because she can spin the wheel. Myself I once lost $75 with cracked aces and won exactly this amount back on the wheel. That was quite good.

In the evenings and especially at weekends this room can get quite loud. Not just because of drunken people but also because of the Lynyrd Skynyrd bar that offers karaoke and live music.

It’s mostly $1/$2 NLHE and $2-$6 spread limit tables on offer. For those of you that don’t know spread limit, in every betting round you can only bet an amount between $2 and $6 in this case.

The comps are only available for a few restaurants what I find a little disappointing. They should really make sure to offer the whole range of restaurants…maybe even all MGM properties…

Dealers were often quite bad and floor staff relatively unfriendly.

One thing surprised me big time though! The day before I was to check out from the Excalibur I had a message on my phone in my room that said I should contact the poker room as they owe me money. I absolutely couldn’t think of what they were talking about but obviously went down to see what money they owed me. It turned out that on my first night here (probably still jetlagged) I had cashed out around $300 but had only received $200. They noticed then that they had $100 too much in their register that night and went through all the video footage from the “eye in the sky” to find out who was paid too little. They saw me probably half asleep grabbing the money without counting and walking away. Then obviously they found out who I was from my MLife card check in at the table and also found out I was staying at the Excalibur and made sure I was returned the missing $100. That was quite incredible imo.

And just to clarify: I usually always pay attention when they count the money in front of me and always tip the guy $1. I must have been jetlagged as I had only arrived that afternoon…

Well, I liked playing here in general. I liked the atmosphere and I met a lot of fun people. One of them for example was a guy from San Diego who was half Irish, half Mexican. His mom called him “my little Green Bean”… it was hilarious. :-D " class="wp-smiley" src="" />

Here is the result of my hours at the Excalibur:

  • Poker Room Quality (0-10): 7 – free WiFi, party atmosphere that is bearable, bad players, fun promos.
  • Comps: $1/hour
  • Promos: High Hand & Aces Cracked Wheel, „Deuces never Loses”
  • Player’s Card: MLife
  • Hours Cash Game:  31:36 (5 winning sessions, 6 losing sessions)
  • Profit Cash Game: $22
  • Hours Tournament: 1:42
  • Profit Tournament: -$35
  • Total Profit: -$13

Unbelievable how I can actually get out of this room breakeven after over 30 hours of play (reflects the whole trip quite well…meh).

But let’s take the walkway along the food court over to the Luxor. The place where I played most during this trip.


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