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Davina Darr - Card Room Crawls und andere Abenteuer...

This is the final part of the summary.

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And that was it. Over all this is the result of my hours, days and weeks in Las Vegas:

  • Hours Cash Game:  202:53 (31 winning sessions, 36 losing sessions)
  • Profit Cash Game: -$1235
  • Hours Tournament: 39:31
  • Profit Tournament: $450
  • Total Profit: -$785

PokerJournal screen shot of my Las Vegas Card Room Crawl

This teaches me several things:

  • I am a break-even player. It says -$785, that means at 243 hours of play only -$3.2 per hour. This amount was surely already spent by me for drink tips alone (I had paid these mainly from my chips and didn’t get into the habit of noting these down in Poker Journal. On top of it is the rake and dealer tips. So yes, break even…but I don’t have that money really in my pocket… Next time I will note down the drink tips.
  • Basically I am incapable at this point to make a living at the $1/$2 and $1/$3 tables. But not many are anyway. I was hoping to make the jump to $2/$5, but I never got the chance as the grind-up didn’t happen…
  • If I will try it again some day (and I probably will) I will do it with a bigger bankroll and will then hopefully make my way to the $2/$5 tables as well. The first couple of bad sessions just hurt me far too much and dampened my spirits…
  • Next time I will also rent an apartment and a car to be more flexible in table selection. I needed a while to figure out which casinos I feel most comfortable in and to get to know many of the regulars. And once I was in a poker room I was reluctant to leave again as taxi would have meant wasting money and walking through the heat wasting time.
  • I am better live than I am online
  • And probably the most important thing: I always was a better tournament player and I probably should stick with it. Next time (when I will take a bigger bankroll) I will put more weight on tourneys and only play cash games to fill the gaps.

The numbers

243 hours of poker means I have played an average of 8.38 hours of poker every day. If you consider that I spent 2 days sick in bed and spent half a day at Lake Mead and Hoover Dam the average of poker day hours increases to 9.1.

That is a hell lot of card play! And I have to admit: I am not done yet! :wink: " class="wp-smiley" src="" />


In the beginning I was concerned that the lack of a daily routine will cause problems for me, but every day was filled with new experiences and so it didn’t affect me at all. I asked myself how long I would be surviving in this life in this city without going completely crazy.

Despite the high amount of hours I have spent playing I tried get some time off once in a while: a birthday party, Thunder From Down Under show, half an excursion day, an evening in my favourite bar Don’t Tell Mama and several restaurant visits.

The cold (AFTER a visit in the desert!) was an unscheduled time-out that annoyed me a lot, but you can’t do much against these things happening unfortunately. After all it was the first time I ever had a cold in my 6 Vegas visits. That is almost a miracle.


Side note: the promotions can all be different today. Casinos often change their promos on a monthly basis. The best thing is to call them before your trip to Vegas and ask about current promos. Obviously you can check their websites as well, but many casinos neglect their poker room websites.

I hope you enjoyed my trip report! Maybe you want to try something like that yourself some day. I am happy to give some advice. Feel free to contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading! :) " class="wp-smiley" src="" />


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