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Davina Darr - Card Room Crawls und andere Abenteuer...

This is part 6 of the summary.

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Imperial Palace

As I think I have mentioned earlier that this was my Vegas home for the most part of my stay. Unfortunately the Imperial Palace is a construction site all around. The O’Sheas casino, that had been next door has been demolished and from my window I had a premium view of the “Linq Project” construction. The world’s biggest observation wheel though was around the corner. It was interesting to see the foundations being set up over the time.
Also in general it seemed like they were working in super speed. I could see progress every day…and also hear it very often at 5 in the morning…meh.

This is where you once could play Beer Pong on sticky floors
while leprechauns served you green shots right from the bottle straight into your mouth!

Trying to keep business alive with super cheap rooms and “construction” offers…

It will be interesting to see the progress or maybe even the opening of the Linq Project  next year. :-D
…and it remains to be seen if Imperial Palace will still be standing then…

A couple of years ago when I had stayed at the IP as well, I had loved their poker room! It was directly in the entrance area and had so many passers-by that were usually in a  party mood and drunk.
The staff knew my name after only a few days and put me on the $1/$2 waiting list as soon as they saw me getting out of the elevator.

Because of the construction chaos though the poker room has been relocated to the 2nd floor. NOBODY accidentally walks by here and the desperate announcements about tourneys or new cash game tables didn’t work either. The room is dead. :cry:

The only time I played here I took part in one  of the $60 donkaments: $40 Buy-in, 1x$10 Rebuy, 1x$10 Addon. The quality of the players was unbelievably bad. I survived the crapshoot to the break, had a cigarette at a slot machine, won $230 and didn’t feel too bad when I bubbled the tournament.

I had no desire whatsoever to try playing here again. I really do hope this poker room will see better times in the future…provided the casino will still be standing.

Bye bye, IP?

Here is the result of my hour(s) at Imperial Palace:

  • Poker Room Quality (0-10): 3 – the room is located so far from everything else that it feels like playing in a storage room. There are no tables going most of the time and the tourneys (if they happen) are basically one table S&Gs with re-entries and alternates.
  • Comps: $1 pro Std.
  • Promos: High Hand Boni, limited Aces and Kings cracked
  • Player’s Card: Total Rewards
  • Hours Cash Game: 0
  • Cash Game Profit: $0
  • Hours Tournament: 1:06
  • Tournament Profit: -$60
  • Total Profit: -$60

I didn’t play Caesars during this trip, as I don’t like this poker room very much. O’Sheas – and so it’s so called “Strip Poker” -  is gone, so the next casino on my way South is the off-Strip Rio.


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