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Davina Darr - Card Room Crawls und andere Abenteuer...

This is part 7 of the summary.

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Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

This was the first time I had been in Las Vegas without the World Series of Poker being on at the same time. Nevertheless I decided to stroll along the holy hallways of the Rio Convention Center to see it in a completely different look this time.

For a couple of days the Star Trek Convention was held here. I had heard a lot about this and although I am not a Star Trek fan I really wanted to see crazy Trekkies in Klingon costumes and Spock ears.

The Pavillion Room that I only know stuffed with poker tables, the bracelet ceremony stage and the soothing rustle of thousands of poker chips, was now a gigantic cinema that showed Star Trek episodes around the clock it seemed. You needed a wristband though to enter and the price they charged was a little too high for the 15 minutes I gave this little visit. So I just continued walking down the halls that are usually full of poker players and WSOP logos all over the place and walked by people in funny outfits instead. I took some quick paparazzi photos of these scenes...

The Amazon Room was full of stalls and stands selling all kinds of Star Trek memorabilia and other stuff. I couldn't walk in without the wristband...but from outside I though I heard the sound of chips being ruffled between the hands of hundreds of poker players...but that was just imagination.

That's all I could and wanted to see so I made my way back to the casino floor and the poker room.

I don't like the Rio poker room. I can't tell exactly why...somehow the atmosphere doesn't feel right. Next to the poker room is the so-called "hooker bar" (as I have learned from Pauly McGuire's book Lost Vegas) and in front of it stands an orignal WSOP final table just to have a look at. At exactly this spot I was playing a drunk poker game in 2009 after I busted from my first and only WSOP event - a $2000 Buy-In NL Hold'em - with other German bust-outs. That was the longest I had ever played here.

This time I didn't play much either. Two sessions added up to not even an hour.

The poker room offers a $5000 freeroll for that, in order to participate, you have to play 15 hours per week. This makes it very popular to mainly locals as the Rio is a little too far off the Strip.

Here is the result of my hour(s) at the Rio:

  • Poker Room Quality (0-10): 5
  • Comps: $1-$3/Hour
  • Promos: High Hand Boni, Bad Beat, Freeroll, cash drawings
  • Player’s Card: Total Rewards
  • Hours Cash Game: 0:58
  • Profit Cash Game: $43
  • Hours Tournament: 0
  • Profit Tournament: $0
  • Total Profit: $43

And we're going back to the busy Strip. The next poker room is the Flamingo.


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