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From $100 to $1000 in 3 months


Day 1

Von: DontTrickMe @ 14:57 (CEST) / 19 / Kommentar ( 4 )
Hello guys. My name in Anthony and I set myself on a mission. I withdrew my entire bankroll, only leaving $100. I want to turn these $100 into $1000 in 3 months. I know it is not the biggest challange of this kind, but it should be rather entertaining.

I am a student in Germany and I currently have a 3 month break from university. I will play as much as i can. I will be playing FL HU ONLY. I will start with $0.50/$1.00 FL HU and then move up when i reach the $350 mark. I know it is not good bankroll management but I feel pretty comfortable at these stakes and my FL game is pretty good too. 

So come on guys and read this blog :)

cheers ...   
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