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Short handed play deep in tourney

How do you play 99 or other mediocre hands deep in a tourney?
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Von: KILLA TACTIX @ 17:19 (CEST) / 399 / Kommentar ( 7 )

Hallo von Belgien! I 'm gonna post this in English, cause my German is a bit rusty, ganz genau!

I was deep in the Big Bang tourney couple months ago but short stacked, 10 bb's or less. 14 players left and some nice prizes at final table, 900$ for 1st. blinds were getting huge so I decided to go for it, stole BB from SB with A9 all in. Next hand AK all in on both blinds. Then 3d time I went all in w 99 from button +1 with about 13 bb's (positioned 12th in tourney) and got called by a slightly bigger stacked fish w AT os in the big blind... he hit ofcourse and I was out. Should I have played any different, I think the pro play is to shuv any good hand with 15 bb's or less, or am I wrong? Leave some comments, no problem with German, I can read it fine! By the way, is this interesting enough to get a big stamp and a new chance?


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