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My Road to success

This is a little diary-like Blog about my Poker Carreer
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First Blog

Von: exer-oyc @ 14:02 (CEST) / 14 / Kommentar ( 2 )

Hey guys.

My nickname is exer-oyc and I'm a 22 year old poker newbie. I started playing poker a couple of years ago with some friends and I finally found my way back. It's really fun to play, that's why I want to be as good as possible, to compete with Amateur and even Pro Players.

At the moment my play is rather bad then good. I don't know my strengths, neither do i know my mistakes. 

That's my first goal. Figuring these things out. I don't play with real money yet, since I'm not that big of a deal for my opponents. I hope to acquire some good skill in the next couple of weeks. I play every day arround 2-3 hours, and read 2-3 chapters of my first poker book. "The Theory of Poker".


Wish me luck on my way to become one of the BEST.


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