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My Road to success

This is a little diary-like Blog about my Poker Carreer
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First MTT

Von: exer-oyc @ 15:12 (CEST) / 205 / Kommentar ( 0 )

I played my first MTT event a couple of days ago. I did pretty bad I have to say. I wasn't able to get any large pots, have suffered 2 really bad beats (I lost AA pocket + A on flop vs Quad Kings on turn and river, while ALL IN) that cost me the game in the end. Anyways i wasn't able to go beyond the 2000 Chips mark (1500 start).

I ended up as 89xx out of 19xxx players. Since it was a freeroll Texas NL Hold em though, I didn't lose anything so I know what to work on.





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