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Still in micro Stakes

Von: exer-oyc @ 17:08 (CEST) / 15 / Kommentar ( 1 )

Hi guys, I'm still playing in the micros.

The last couple of days i played alot Sit and Go's, in which i really tend to do good. But now I'm on a little downswing so i just can not afford to play any Sit and Go's anymore.

i lost 35 $ of my 86$ starting stack.

So before playing any more of the 3.50 Sit n Go's I think I will keep playing some micro stakes 2NL 6-max tables. It's what suites me best, I dont like the action at the FR micro stakes tables...


Also I have to start preparing my exams, which are in 2 weeks. After that i think i might buy another book. It's called Small Stakes on Hold em.

I hope I can get my BR up to 100$ by Christmas. I think that should be possible if I got the time to learn more about the Theory and play more hands.



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