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Erfreudiger Mailverkehr mit Betsafesupport

Von: thi099 @ 08:35 (CEST) / 438 / Kommentar ( 5 )

Welcome back to 1984,


I have read the terms and Conditions to see if they mentioned such a case like "unsettled deposit" but found nothing about that.

        The below Rules will help you understand what you can and can’t do in your attempt to beat the house. As you can see we have tried to keep the boring legal stuff to a minimum

Is the full version of the rules available for a download?

I found this:

        8.7 We do not give credit. Any balance on Your Account will not bear interest. We will not be treated as a financial institution.

Hmm, difficult. And what about: 4) What happens to my winnings and losses that I made with this unsettled amount? Someone told me that this is comparable to a manipulation of the game. In fact, every transaction, every game I played with this unsettled amount has to be reviewed and annulated. Why? I was playing with fictive money. And that's why you insist to get that money as fast as possible back. you are still hoping that nobody took notice of this desaster. Or am I sponsord by Betsafe, so that they give me credits? There was an income on my account but no output and I could even use that inexistent money to take part in real money tournaments. Perhaps I was the reason why some players had been kicked out. Thats called manipulation of the game. Have you got the money? No? So it's still fictive and I had an advantage (no fear of losing) on the other players.

So you are not even responsible for it? Why am I writing with betsafe support? If you aren't treated as a financial institution, then I suppose that you haven't got the required qualifications and releases to take financial decisions, right? So, to whom should I talk them? Let's see... ahh... here!

        We” The Site is run by BML Group Limited, Limited, a company registered in Malta, under number C34836. The registered office is at Experience Centre, Ta’Xbiex Seafront, Ta’Xbiex, XBX1027, Malta. BML Group Limited forms part of Betsson Group.

eeeeemmmhh! Ok, I can fallow... So Betsafe is a branch office of Betsson Group, perhaps a daughter company. Franchising? Can you please sent me the documents concerning BML companynumber C34836? No idea about such thinks... But I found I higher instance, which is able to take decisions and statments! So! Let's take a look at how to make a complain:

        15.1 Customer experience is in our DNA and very much part of our mind-set, however we appreciate that from time to time complaints need to be addressed. On the rare occasion this happens you can get hold of us through the following communication channels Call us on: +356 2260 3043...

Uii, that means the members from betsafesupport-team and me, we are like BFFS? Brothers from another mother? I can feel the connection between us, homie! No stop! Disconnect!..(7.13 You agree that we may also share your information with other people or businesses in order to carry out our business and deliver the Site to you.) I think the whole world is listening to our mental transmitted lovestory. No privacy in here? Sry, bro, only privat policy:

        We also may obtain both personal and non-personal information about you from affiliated entities, business partners and other independent third-party sources and add it to our account information. Examples of information we may receive include: contact information, purchase history, and demographic information. When we collect information about you from a third party, we ensure that appropriate consent has been obtained. By transacting on our website or through our Apps, you agree that we may collect such information for fraud prevention purposes.

Really?! Wow. Are you like those you know "person of interests"? Collecting information so you can classify them: Thierry Hoffmann. Uploading information (expected duration: 3hours). GPRS tracking launched... Individium ranked as menace! Needs to be eleminated! A job for our agents from betsafe! Fuck, forgot, we haven't collaborateures in centraleurope, only England, Ireland and Malta...
No but seriously, who is responsible?

        Despite being an industry leader within the sector, we don’t set the rules, we are governed by them

I understand: so betsafe is comparable to the executive law? Like a policeman who fallows orders? What have we got here... Appendix?! ohh, my dear! doctor consultation! As fast as possible...
I never heard about appendix:
The Rules included in this section relate to specific Games. We sometimes use Games provided by other companies and they ask us to include these rules in our own Rules. There are sometimes Rules which are so specific to a Game, you only need to be aware of those Rules if you play that Game. All of these rules have been dropped in this section. By playing any of the Games you will be agreeing to these Game Rules.

Ah, of course! I am sure every player is aware of this... So again splitted responsibility but more players invoved in this informationgame? Good, so every game fallows it's own rules? If you don't know the rules, you gonna bet eaten:
1) First rule of the Information Club: you don't talk about the IC club (intellectual property from "fight club")...

Ok, so let's continue. I feel like frodo (i.p. from "Lord of the Rings"). Were can I find Sauron? the master of disater! I have to say THIS IS MUCH FUNNIER THAN PLAYING POKER! Great experince!

    Poker by Microgaming is operated by BML Group Ltd. on the online poker network Microgaming made available by Prima Poker Ltd. Under a licence with the MGA in Malta

I can't fallow anymore... Ok, Thierry concentration! What do we have. Compare the whole thing to a city. So who is owner of the city/ground? The plattform? Let's take a look...

The operator of this website is BML Group Ltd., Maltese company registration number C-34836

Bingo! Who carryies for infrastructures like railways,... I will take the train direction Microgaming: final destination Poker! Fuck! I have to change trains... 3 times! Departure: Betsson Goup (100% of responsibility, wait! Group, so at least 2 paties. Lets say 50% responsibility) Stop at the BML-alcatraz! Casenumber C-34836! Spooky. Some people say it's a myth, like the dentist. (25% of responsibility). And then end of the road:

(...)online poker network Microgaming made available by Prima Poker Ltd.

ok. (12,5% of responsibility). So only 12,5% of the rules from Prima Poker Ltd. are included in those rules of responsible playing? Is there an app to download: responsibility calculator? What about my unsettled deposits?! (I stand for the little guy in the mainstreet/stream. The one, with simple needs that won't be heard. You know the methapher action->reaction, butterfly effect,...)
So our Max Mustermann or John Smith has to do what needs to be done. The way to court and standing up for his rights. So were are those parts of  our cookie? sharing equal power. independent from each other. Called: Jurislative and legislative? On the one hand legislative! In our fictive city, the one who made the law and taking the whole responsability of it It must be an institution so powerful, that itself has to be regulated by us. the little man via different medias. From time to time, there is a missing voice, but it can be the most powerful instrument of democraty. On the other hand, also autonom the jurislative. Thats our trial. The place where his voice should be hurt: MGA:

        We are licensed and regulated in Malta by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This Site is operated under the following licences granted by the MGA:

I understand: This is the most reproduced sentence I read in serveral Terms and Conditions, FAQ's,... I think, Frodo has found his wrost ennemy...sauron:pokeralias MGA. time to show yourself evil! (i.p. from "the exorcist").
Regulated AND licensed? Scandal?! Legislative AND jurislative in one hand? That means the code Napoleon, our rights are written, published and defended from the same person? Like those movies from Eddy Murphy? Coproducer BML.... Long time nothing....With friendly cooperation of Betsafe. But why is only "Betsafe knewn"? Sponsoring,global brand,... marionettes of those lobbyists? Who knows... you know, pokerplayer are the fundament of our world (i.p. from "tank you for smoking"). Democraty is like a chair with 3 legs. This legs have to be spread, splitted, or I can't garantee for the stability of the chair. You offer me a chair with two legs... And where should I ask for compenstion, for justice? who's our puppetmaster? the Answer: the same one who sells those chairs. What will he say? I am guilty. It's like ...accused person and judge at the same time. And there the little guy should hope for justice?

here: MGA gives licences, right? (judge, making a sentence; guilty or not guilty) Approving, not approving
synonym for "regulated",... ohh come on! To easy "reglemented" (ministers defending there articles or paragraphs. Establishing their attitude to gouvern a country with help our the executive

So if I am complaining I am accusing the one who will judge me and treat this complain?

Just saying...


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