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[Fragen/Probleme] AnchorFree IP addresses

AnchorFree IP addresses - 18-08-2012, 00:24
Benutzerbild von Dr.Mik
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Habe gerade diese Mail bekommen - und stehe da absolut auf dem Schlauch.
Was soll ich denn jetzt machen? Ich will ja weiter spielen!


We at PokerStars are writing to inform you that we have begun blocking the USA-based IP addresses of AnchorFree.com aka HotSpotShield from accessing our servers.

As you have logged into PokerStars in the past few weeks using this service, we wanted to proactively inform you of this action, so that you will understand why you might be unable to connect to our servers.

In order to establish a connection, please use your true IP address as assigned by your ISP, or if you absolutely must use a VPN, please choose one outside the United States.

If you continue to have difficulty connecting to PokerStars when not using Anchor Free, please contact our support department at support@pokerstars.com.

Thank you for your understanding, and for playing on PokerStars.


PokerStars Game Security

21-08-2012, 14:37
Benutzerbild von Nis Puk
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PokerStars nimmt an, daß Du Dich über einen Proxy einloggst. Du könntest ein US-Spieler sein, der sich illegalerweise einloggen will. Versuchst Du, Deine IP zu verschleiern?