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[Blog] Allways the freeroll king?

Allways the freeroll king? - 29-01-2014, 19:23
Benutzerbild von MBakero
Since: Nov 2009
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It is hard to chase the dream of being a professional poker player without investing anything.My opinion is that I have to live with the little amount of money I earn in daylife and invest that money in food and housing.Allthough i am a good poker player and my friends wanted to invest i me i refused severall offers. I can;t accept without giving any guanrentees. I wwon several freerolls and lost also some amounts that i won.Whenn will i ever be out and get in the big Cash or will I allways be The Freeroll King?
29-01-2014, 19:27
Benutzerbild von DkH.StaN
Since: May 2012
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