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[Fragen/Probleme] Beginners Bankroll

Beginners Bankroll - 20-05-2016, 17:45
Benutzerbild von whitegiant16
Since: May 2016
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I have started with the beginners bankroll promotion.
After absolving the 1st lesson with the video and answering the quiz correctly I am waiting now for the free 0,10 SNG-ticket.
But it has not been credited yet, so I am unable to start the next lesson.

Please help.

My acc. name is: "whitegiant16"

Edit: problem has been resolved. I think there only was too few time for crediting the ticket.
No I have got it and can play the next lesson.

Geändert von whitegiant16 (20-05-2016 um 18:57 Uhr).
23-05-2016, 00:55
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