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Wie hoch kann die Roi bei Sngs sein?

Wie hoch kann die Roi bei Sngs sein? - 27-12-2008, 02:17
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ich habe mich schon immer gefragt,wie hoch die Roi von den besten Spielern auf dem jeweiligen Level ist.
Natürlich langfristig gesehen,also so ab 3k Sngs.

Gibts es da Unterschiede zwische Turbos und "Normalen"?

Und wie sieht es bei Dons aus?Was für Zahlen kann man da langfristig schaffen?

(war mir nicht sicher,wo ich den Thread reinstellen soll,deshalb hier,liebe Mods)
27-12-2008, 02:20
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8) Attainable ROI
It's difficult to determine exactly what the maximum obtainable ROI is at any given level. The reason for this is pretty simple to understand. Imagine you were the BEST $5 SNG player in the world. Your ROI is higher than any other $5 regular's. You would soon realize, though, that your hourly rate would actually go up if you played $10 SNGs with a slightly lower ROI. In short, most people play whatever stakes let them maximize their hourly rate. So there's no way we'll ever know what's really obtainable at any one level since typically the players that could get that magical number move up from that level.

Today, the dynamic of online poker is such that many of the games are changing in a very short period. With that, you also might find that it's difficult (and therefore, attempts are fruitless at guessing exact numbers) to predict precise attainable ROIs at any given SNG level because the content and quality of the player pool is always changing. The best way to combat this is by paying attention to regulars and fish alike, taking notes on player's, and getting a feel for what about the games are changing, in order to identify who the weak players are, and how to best come up with correct countermeasures for your game plans (end note: I'd say a crucial aspect to this is to identify how pushing/calling ranges are changing).

Having said that, we can still speculate what a very good player at a given level could maintain over a significant sample size. We can find this out by observing good players and through tracking sites such as sharkscope. So without further ado, a very good player could probably expect to have the following ROIs:

$3.40s - 18%
$6s - 16%
$16s - 14%
$27s - 12%
$60s - 10%
$114s - 8%
$225s - 6%
$335s+ - 4%

A few notes should be made on these numbers. These are based on Stars turbos. If you play a non-turbo structure, generally your ROI might increase a few points (due to the slower structure), but at the expense of your hourly rate (again, due to the slower structure). These numbers are quite applicable to major sites besides Stars. Perhaps at a smaller site with a generally worse player pool, you might find you can get a couple of points higher ROI, but again, the games fill slower at smaller sites so this increase in ROI will come at the expense of hourly rate. These numbers are also based on 9-man SNGs. Typically players find that the competition is a slight bit softer in 18-man and likewise, in 6-man SNGs. And finally, it should be stated that ROIs above these figures are possible at each level. However again, if you are capable of maintaining these figures over a large number of games, it's safe to say you are a talented SNG player.
27-12-2008, 02:39
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Since: Mar 2008
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Wow,für diesen ausführlichen Post+Link gibt natürlich ein Dankeschön!

Jetzt würde ich das gleiche auch gerne noch über die Dons.Die gibts ja noch nicht solange,aber existieren dafür auch schon aussagekräftige Zahlen?
MMn müsste zumindest zZ eine deutlich höhere Roi zu schaffen sein(meine liegt immernoch bei über 20%)

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