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Änderung der VIP Level

Änderung der VIP Level - 19-02-2009, 14:05
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Diesen Beitrag habe ich gerade im 2+2 Forum gefunden.

Er ist vom 12.02.09

Was halte ihr davon?

PokerStars VIP Team

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VIP Changes for PokerStars
VIP program changes:

SilverStar VIP level will be lowered to 1,200 VPPs a month.
GoldStar VIP level will be lowered to 3,000 VPPs a month.
PlatinumStar VIP level will be lowered to 7,500 VPPs a month.

Supernova and Supernova Elite players will be able to retain their status
the following year until end of September provided they meet the current
play requirements. This will start now for the 2008 SN and SNEs.

Milestone bonuses will become cash credits. This means once a player hits
200,000 VPPs for 2009 he will be able to obtain a $2,000 cash credit for
50,000 FPPs, without a need to earn further 10,000 VPPs. That is not fully
automated yet, but we plan to enable players to buy these bonuses directly
from the VIP Store, so there won't be a need to wait for processing of the
bonuses as we have it now.

The $50,000 VIP weekly event will become a $75,000 event with 12 minute

The $20,000 VIP weekly event will become a $30,000 weekly event.

Concierge will change slightly. Changes include a player may only use the
service once a month with a max of three receipts. We will have clear
rules for what may be submitted on the website by end of February.

All of the above changes will take place starting March 1st, 2009. Not
promising, but we may introduce further changes later in the year. Keep the
ideas coming.

19-02-2009, 14:07
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dazu gibts schon nen thread:
19-02-2009, 14:09
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genau deshalb hier ein *CLOSE*

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