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keine Verbindung?

keine Verbindung? - 09-06-2009, 16:52
Benutzerbild von hotstepper77
Since: May 2008
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Hallo, hab seit neustem windows vista 64 bit,hab eine drahtlosinternetverbindung erstellt,auf die pokerstars nicht zu greifen kann trotz netzwerkstatus sehr gut 100%,die software sucht und sucht und findet nicht! Die anderen vorinstallierten programme sagen sogar keine verbindung mit dem internet! Wer kann mir helfen? Firewall ausschalten,kompatibilität schon ausprobiert!

MFG hotstepper
09-06-2009, 16:58
Gelöschter Benutzer
Wenn ich es richtig verstehe, hast du nicht nur bei PS kein Internet? Welche Programme sagen keine Verbindung?

Diese Mail würdest du von PS erhalten:

Thank you for your email.
PokerStars Support - Connecting to PokerStars.
A restart of all of your computer and network hardware will often clear
anything corrupted in memory that has blocked your ability to reach our
site. Restart your Cable/DSL modem (if any), then your Ethernet
switch or hub (if any), and finally your computer. This may solve
your problem.

Next, check your system date on your computer (including the year) and
ensure that it is set properly. An incorrect system date causes the
encryption certificate to fail, and stops the program from working.
You can check and update the system date by going to your system's
Control Panel (from the 'Start' menu) and selecting 'Date and Time'.

Beyond an incorrect date, if you are able to surf the web but are
unable to connect or update the software, the most common cause is a
firewall blocking your access.

Are you running any of these packages?

Norton Internet Security / McAfee Security Center / ZoneAlarm /
CA Security Center / AOL Security Center / Kaspersky Anti-Hacker /
Panda Internet Security / Sygate Personal Firewall /
PC-Cillin Firewall / Windows Firewall / Corporate Firewall

If you are using a firewall not listed above please be sure to let us
know the brand you are using.

Have you recently installed a new Cable/DSL router? (If so, is it a
wireless router?)

It would also be helpful if you could send us your program log files
(PokerStars.log.0, PokerStarsUpdate.log.0, PokerStarsCommunicate.log.0
if present) that are located in your PokerStars folder. Depending on
your Operating System the log files will be located in different

For Windows XP and older:

1. Double click "My Computer" on your desktop or start menu
2. Double click "C:" drive to view your hard drive
3. Double click "Program Files" folder
4. Scroll down and double click on "PokerStars"
5. Locate "pokerstars.log.0", "pokerstarsupdate.log.0" and
6. Attach these files to an email and send them to

For Windows Vista:

1. Click Start
2. Type the following or copy/paste into the Search and press Enter:
3. Locate "pokerstars.log.0", "pokerstarsupdate.log.0" and
4. Attach these files to an email and send them to

Please note it is important that you send us these files as soon as
you can as they are only kept for a period of one day. Let us know
if you have any troubles sending the files to us for review.

If you can tell us about any of those things on your network mentioned
above, we can likely find the source of the trouble and get you back
online quickly.

Once we receive your log files our Technical Team will look into the
issue and provide instructions for getting connected.
09-06-2009, 17:22
Benutzerbild von hotstepper77
Since: May 2008
Posts: 2
Die anderen programme sind office 2007,bell updater,carbonite...irgendwas! die vorinstallierte ebay verknüpfung,produktregistrierung geht auch,wahrscheinlich weil es über den 64 bit explorer läuft! Probier mal die Vista schritte die du aufgeführt hast.
09-06-2009, 17:48
Benutzerbild von hohertamrat
Since: Dec 2007
Posts: 251
hotstepper77, wie aktivierst du die I-Net-Verbindung deines Routers?

Barbarus hic ergo sum, quia non
intellegor ulli.

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