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Hold´em Vision

Hold´em Vision - 11-12-2009, 22:01
Benutzerbild von SwenXxXCena
Since: Dec 2007
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Hi, wollt mal fragen, was ich genau damit anstellen kann! Weiß jemand mehr drüber?
20-12-2009, 11:17
Benutzerbild von Kuddel84
Since: Nov 2007
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Holdem Manager Vision was added as a fully functioning tab and allows for detailed global stats to compare yourself to the rest of the people in the database. Many will recognize the graphs to be very similar to those at PokerTableRatings.com. At its core, it's a graphical reporting tool that shows information about many players. Some of the reports include Game Statistics (30,000 foot level of a particular stake and site), Player Stats (histograms of basic player stats), Player Profiles (classify players as Nits, TAGs, LAGs, etc.), Pre-Flop Ranges (starting hand range in a heat map), and Post-Flop Ranges (hand range post-flop in histogram format).